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Show Yourself Some Love

Love is in the air and it’s that time of year where we are seeing red wherever we go.  I love LOVE and I know that with our upcoming holiday it’s very easy to think about our sweethearts, loved ones and secret crushes but I want to encourage you to redirect your focus just a bit and spend some time showing yourself some love

The concept of loving ourselves and celebrating who we are and the lives we lead seems simple enough but day to day application can actually be a challenge.  We spend a great deal of time supporting, encouraging and celebrating those around us.  We think long and hard about being good parents to our children, givers to our community, team players to our coworkers and the support system to our friends.  Somewhere within all of that love giving we need to stop and give some to ourselves.  We need to do it in a remarkable way and we need do it often.   

Celebrating who you are, your accomplishments and sometimes your failures is an essential part of personal growth. 

Simply acknowledging that you are showing up and giving it your best can go a long way in strengthening your mental state and your resolve.  Resist the urge to be hard on yourself and stand tall in your humanness.  According to research, simply showing some self-compassion can significantly decrease the negative effects of self-esteem including depression and anxiety.  Well that makes sense!  Simply cutting yourself some slack boosts your confidence, your outlook and potentially the outcome of a current situation.

Of course, I think one of the best ways to create a love fest for yourself is to journal.  Journaling the good times, the challenging times and the emotions with both can be amazingly therapeutic and a wonderful way to celebrate who you are.  Last year was quite challenge for me.  When I read some of my journal entries it’s a true testament to how life can be a roller coaster but it’s also easy to see that my determination, focus and refusal to give up consistently kept my head above water. On the flip side, it’s also great to go back and read about the good times and some of the positive messages that I wrote about how I was feeling optimistic despite some unfortunate circumstances I was facing.

How can you celebrate yourself with your journaling writing?

Write what’s wonderful about you… your strengths, talents, quirks and personality.

Write about what makes you happy.

Write about what’s important to you… what you are passionate about.

Write about what you are thankful for and what’s great about your life right now.

When situations arise that are good or bad create space for the experience in the pages of your journal.  Let your writing flow and don’t hold back about how you feel about what is going on.  Document your actions and reactions.  Be authentic and in tune with your emotions as you let the words spill out on the page.

When negative thoughts or self-talk invade your mind use your journal to combat those thoughts and words by writing positive affirmations about yourself and encouraging thoughts or even mood boosting quotes from others.

Write boldly about your failures.  What did you do wrong? What would you do differently?  What did you learn? 

Write yourself a note of forgiveness.  When you mess up forgive yourself and give yourself the gift of having that forgiveness in writing. For example:  I forgive myself for losing my temper. I forgive myself for not following through.  I forgive myself for…

You and the life that you lead are a gift so be sure to celebrate it every single day. Now back to our regularly scheduled holiday.  Happy Valentine’s Day.  Spread LOVE, be LOVE, love LOVE!!

“Documenting details of your everyday life becomes a celebration of who you are.” -Carolyn V. Hamilton


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