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A mindful getaway from it all! The Meditation Retreat Box invites you to escape the busyness of your life and indulge in a personal meditation retreat for better health and well being. The curated collection of items in the box are designed to give you the feel of a meditation retreat at home—but can be enjoyed in any place conducive to a period of undisturbed quiet. The beginner-friendly guided meditations and mindfulness techniques help you to regain a sense of spaciousness and ease. You will learn how to break free from stressful habits and remember what’s most important.

This experience includes:

Handcrafted Meditation Journal :: Made with recycled cotton rag and inside pages that are 100% post-consumer recycled :: 6″ x 8.5″

Cover quote: “Meditation nurtures and restores the divine within you.” 

Features a pressed ginkgo leaf which is symbolic of hope, peace and longevity.

Matching ballpoint pen :: Refillable

100% pure beeswax aromatherapy candle in glass holder :: Cedarwood and Balsam essential oils create a calming, woodsy aroma that promotes a clear mind and inner peace

Room to Breathe Guided Meditations CD :: New York Times bestselling author and teacher of meditation, Sharon Salzberg.

Inspiration Guide :: Provides you with suggestions on how to combine the contemplative art of journaling and meditation to achieve the ultimate mindfulness experience.

Book of Matches :: So very old school

Gifting? Handwritten note included. Please indicate your message in the notes section.
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