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You are the window through which you view the world…

Welcome to Inspiration Studio. My mission is to inspire you to create a journaling ritual for contemplation, discovery and expression. I can help you to cultivate a meaningful self –connection in a mindful and deliciously fulfilling way. Journaling can be used in many ways; some that may have never occurred to you.

Allow journaling to provide a creative and contemplative outlet and help you answer these questions:

• Who am I?

• Who am I becoming?

• What are my hopes and dreams for the future?

• How do I inspire change when I want it and handle it when it happens anyway?

• How can I sort through my emotions in a beneficial way?


I am a Personal Growth Coach and Group Facilitator with more than 20 years of experience in the Metro Atlanta area. Whether you are preparing for a life change or change is already occurring, I want you to be supported throughout the journey.

Navigating Life’s Transitions...

My beautifully handcrafted journals capture your moments, discoveries and reflections. My guided journals help to create a ritual of your journaling experience and gives you encouraging prompts to have a conversation with your truest self. As a Group Facilitator, I incorporate Journaling and Expressive Arts activities as a pathway to successfully navigate many of life’s transitions, personal transformations, and experiences. I invite you to experience the support and synergy created by the groups I facilitate. Join me for:

• Journal Talks

• Workshops

• Group Classes

• Group Coaching

I help you use your words and creative ideas to stir self-expression, heighten self-awareness, and deepen personal connection. If you are interested in personal growth and supportive group interactions explore the site and contact me today.