• Affirmations
  • Affirmations
This Inspiration Box invites you to center your mind on creating affirming thoughts. Affirmations are positive words, phrases, statements and quotes written in first person to encourage, empower and inspire you to maintain a positive mindset to assist with overcoming challenges, negativity and self-doubt. Using affirmations helps you to focus on what you are working towards achieving instead of your current situation or the challenges that are getting in your way. 


Handcrafted Journal :: Made with tree-free lokta paper and inside pages that are 100% post-consumer recycled :: 4.5″ x 6″

Matching ballpoint pen :: Refillable

Boxed Aromatherapy Roll On from Reciprocitee :: Apricot Kernel Oil, Natural Vitamin E and 100% pure essential oils of Grapefruit, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Cypress & Frankincense. *Enclosed affirmation: My joy comes from within.

Inspiration Guide :: Provides you with suggestions on how to use journaling with affirmations and the enclosed oils. 

By making positive affirmations apart of your daily routine, you will start to create a habit of positive thinking. Those positive thoughts will turn into your words which will affect your behavior, how you perceive life and your ability to navigate it. 

The collection comes in a recycled fiber box wrapped with a jute fiber ribbon. Handwritten note included. Please indicate your message in the notes section.
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