Journal Creation Classes provide you with a canvas to capture your thoughts, and to guide you through a personal discovery process allowing you to express your perspective, beliefs, greatest desires and truest self. This is not a bookmaking workshop. You will not focus on bookmaking techniques. Instead this thought-provoking session combines creative prompts and exercises to create your own journal. We will use a myriad of art supplies and techniques for creative expression and inspiration. The journal you make will be a personalized creation to help you journal in a way that is preferred by you, inspiring to you and beneficial for your journaling journey.

Classes are available for Youth, Teens and Adults using suitable themes that are relatable to each group.

  • Journaling the Journey
  • From Heart to Hand: A Child’s Journaling Journey of Self-Expression and Discovery
  • Tuning In to Who You Are: Self-Discovery for Teens using Journaling and the Music You Love


    Journal Creation Class

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