Mason Mill: Pathway to New Perspectives

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Join us for an outdoor adventure that transforms the simple, natural activity of walking into a centering, mindful and self-expressive experience. With guided intention, you’ll capture your thoughts and explore a serene nature trail to calm your mind and rejuvenate your spirit.  

Join us this summer for

“Stop Controlling, Start Allowing: Walking Away from Worry, Power Planning and Your Fix It Fascination” 

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The challenge to make, mold and mesh everything into the way we want it to be is real.  Most of us have spent our lives working hard, pushing through, changing things we don’t like, and taking some kind of action when we deem it necessary. While this flurry of activity is common it is exhausting and it is negatively impacting our health far more than we realize. 

Using the summer season as inspiration, we’ll explore releasing our controlling obsession and yielding to a more mindful approach of allowing. Our time together will combine movement and journaling to encourage a different perspective on how we exist in our lives and respond to situations that occur around us.

Our walk is low intensity and suitable for both teens and adults. Each participant will receive a journal. Please bring a water bottle and wear comfortable walking shoes.



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