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The “Modern” Inspiration Oil Box was designed for you to create a personal aromatherapy experience in an environment where you can’t light a candle. Perfect for home or office.
This curated box includes:
- Inspiration Oil of your choice
-Electric Aroma Diffuser
-Inspiration Card with instructions and journal prompts complementary to the chosen Inspiration Oil
Aromatherapy is the ancient practice of using natural plant essences, in the form of oils, to promote physical, psychological and emotional health and well-being. Inspiration Oils are 100% pure essential oils blended specifically to spark inspiration for the many moments, challenges and transitional times that we experience in our lives.
Inspiration Oils are designed specifically for diffusers. Diffusing essential oils allows the molecules of the oils to be released in the air providing a therapeutic effect. Diffuse your essential oil blend when you are engaged in everyday activity, to set the mood in your environment, to be reminded of good times when you are working through a challenge or whenever you simply need to be inspired by your oil of choice.
Aromatherapy and Journaling are both powerful tools for health, healing and personal growth. Together they can enhance your mood, ease stress, sharpen your awareness, and restore and refresh your spirit.
This dynamic duo is not a cure for illness but when used consistently they do provide excellent support and can have a positive impact on your well-being.
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