As a Journal Artist and Personal Growth Practitioner and Coach, Jonetta Moyo brings her gifts to the world by handcrafting journals and facilitating experiences that help others to navigate life’s changes and challenges. She uses journaling as a foundational tool for self-expression, for gaining greater understanding of who you are, who you are becoming and for capturing your hopes and dreams for the future.

Jonetta was raised in the southwest border city of El Paso,TX. Surrounded by Mexican and Native American cultures and the beautiful landscape of the desert, she embraced vivid colors, serene earth tones and the precious textures and flavors that make the southwest come alive. Itwas there that her love of textiles was born.

Jonetta is inspired by people and their stories. Whether it is a story of challenge and triumph, love and loss, journey or destination, she is enchanted by the stories that make each person unique. From an early age, she knew that her passions were simple: to create and to help. She chose a path that engaged her in the process of helping people to develop and nurture chapters oftheir stories.

A Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Management & Development with a focus on Counseling & Educational Psychology prepared Jonetta to serve as a University Administrator on multiple college campuses, including Emory University and Georgia State University.This gave her the opportunity to engage, advise, and assist in the personal and leadership development of some of the brightest young adults in America.

The writings of a civil rights icon and the death of a loved one; and written words he left behind gave her clarity and inspiration and Jonetta began to make journals. Her passion for paper evolved, as did the knowledge of herself and her vision for her future. Jonetta discovered that her passion wasn’t only about creating beautiful journals, but helping others to discover how journaling could help them navigate through life.

After receiving certifications in Life Coaching, Group Facilitation, Breathwork, Visualization and deep exploration in journaling and the expressive arts, Jonetta redesigned her vision and created a passion filled business that allows her to showcase beautiful paper and share the benefits of journaling.

Jonetta considers crafting journals a contemplative practice and enjoys the process from beginning to end. Each journal is inspired by the colorful journey of life. Jonetta says, “I love it when people “connect” with a specific journal or find just the “right” one for a special person. It is important to me that my journals invite you to use them, to embrace them and to confide in them. When you get one of my journals you are truly getting a part of me and I hope that it provides you with inspiration that will be significant for your life and the future ahead.”
Jonetta lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. She is the “solo girl” in her house that she shares with her technology genius husband and two wonderful sons! You can find her daily hanging out at her Georgia based artist space, My Inspiration Studio.