About the Studio

My Inspiration Studio is a place for personal growth and a catalyst for inspired living. Inspiration comes in many forms but the most powerful inspiration is that which comes from within. This boutique company is guided by a Certified Professional Coach and Artist with a passion for journals and utilizing journaling as a tool for navigating through life. Journaling is the perfect canvas to capture inspiration for self-expression, to heighten self-awareness and deepen personal connection. My Inspiration Studio products and programs tap into what inspires you to connect with who you are, who you are becoming and your hopes and dreams for the future. 

Uniquely handcrafted environmentally friendly journals are designed to help you capture the transitions and special moments in your life.  Carefully curated Inspiration Boxes, help you discover the magic of journaling, as you create your own personal experience igniting an honest conversation and ongoing connection with your truest self. Inspiration Boxes include a journal as well as inspirational tools that incorporate sound, color and aromatherapy; mindfulness, expressive art and experiential activities.

Experiential events incorporate journaling and expressive activities to create an atmosphere of enjoyment, entertainment and education that helps you to successfully navigate many of life’s transitions and transformations. The inspiration and support that we get from connecting with others can give us fuel for personal growth and increase our personal insight.

About Jonetta

Whether you are preparing for a life change or change is already occurring, I want you to be supported throughout the journey.  I am a Personal Growth Coach and Group Facilitator with more than 20 years of experience in the Metro Atlanta area.

I am inspired by people and their stories.  Whether it is a story of challenge and triumph, love and loss, journey or destination, I am enchanted by the stories that make each person unique.  My passions are simple: to create and to help.  I chose a path that engaged me in the process of helping people to develop and nurture chapters of their stories.  A Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Master’s degree in Educational Management prepared me to serve as a University Administrator on multiple college campuses.  This gave me the opportunity to advise, guide and assist in the development of leadership and personal life skills of some of the brightest young adults in America. 

My creative passion came into full bloom when I opened my stationery design business in 2002.  After four years, I began to crave something different.  I wanted to continue to design with paper, but I was in search of something more.

The writings of a civil rights icon and the death of a loved one and written words he left behind brought about clarity and inspiration and I began to make journals.  My passion for paper evolved, as did the knowledge of myself and my future vision.  It wasn’t long before I fully accepted what I already knew.  My passion wasn’t only about creating a beautiful journal, but helping others to discover what journaling could do for them.  With great pride and purpose, that would become my mission.

After receiving certifications in Life Coaching, Group Facilitation, Visualization and deep exploration in journaling and the expressive arts I redesigned my vision and created a passion filled business that allows me to do what I love and share the beauty and magic of journaling in a mindful and deliciously fulfilling way.

Professional Credentials & Associations

Bachelor of Science, Education, New Mexico State University (NMSU)

Master of Arts, Educational Management & Development, NMSU

Certified Professional Coach, Fowler Wainwright International (FWI)

Certified Group Leader Coach, FWI

Certified Vision Board Coach, Vision Board Institute

International Association of Journal Writers