Journaling is a tool to help connect with who you are and create who you want to be.

Each and every one of us is equipped with an inner knowing to help us navigate life’s changes and challenges. My Inspiration Studio was created as a vehicle to help you tap into that knowing utilizing journaling, coaching and self-connection as tools to support your growth process.

Studio founder Jonetta Moyo is a Strengths and Engagement Coach, Transformational Facilitator, and Experiential Journaling Expert who has a passion for designing journals and using journaling as a personal and professional development tool.

Jonetta’s methodology is based on the belief that there is wisdom in knowing your strengths, clarity in establishing your values and success in utilizing your gifts. When we better relate and communicate with ourselves we can align our thoughts, understand our emotions and wisely choose our actions. This level of self-awareness allows us to show up authentically, act purposefully and move forward with intention.

Jonetta has created various journal-based experiences to provide support, guidance, and understanding throughout the journey we call life. Self-Guided Experiences were curated to help individuals cultivate a journaling practice that incorporates a variety of modalities and experiential activities and is relatable to life’s everyday occurrences. In addition to Self Guided Experiences, Jonetta provides personal and professional development support via coaching and facilitation for individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and organizations.

Jonetta’s proprietary framework, Engage the Page™, is based on the theory of situational-awareness through journaling. It is designed to help discover your inner thoughts and emotions and connect them to how you show up in different aspects of your life.

Data-driven Methods

Studies show that journaling has many benefits, including reducing depression and anxiety, boosting immune function, trauma recovery, improving memory function, managing stress, and cultivating gratitude.

Easy start, easy go.

Jonetta’s journaling practices are easy to understand, implement, and are widely applicable across multiple disciplines.

The benefits are tangible and ongoing.

Jonetta’s clients walk away with long-lasting, readily available tools to support their mental and emotional health and overall well-being.

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