“Offering journal based personal growth experiences to nourish and enhance your well-being”

Journaling is the foundational tool I use to assist clients with navigating life's changes and challenges. My curated experiences inspire a holistic pathway to better understanding who you are, who you are becoming and hopes and dreams for the future. I invite you to embrace the page to establish a meaningful practice and an enhanced sense of well-being.  

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Here's What Customers Are Saying

...I love your pairing of paper and leaf. Every journal is a work of art...I am having so much fun thinking about who will get them...


I received your box of journals…Thank you! They are everything and more than I had hoped they would be. I have received numerous notes of appreciation for such a lovely gift...


I have always loved your journals that I receive...It is just so beautiful, so out of the box creative, so useful. I don't have enough adjectives.