Self Help Book Tips For You To Try For Your Wellness Routine Today

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Tips for getting the Most Gain from Self-Help & Personal Growth & Development Books

“In a novel, the author writes the conclusion. In a self-help book, the reader determines the conclusion.”

Who doesn't love a good self-help book? They are an excellent way to inspire, motivate and elevate you. My shelves are full of well-known and little known authors that have impacted my life in many ways.

To get the most gain from the book you must study, understand, and APPLY the principles. Most authors will provide you with a suggestion on how to navigate their book.

The Self Help Book Tips To Try

Follow their instructions and if you really want to maximize your growth, follow the tips below.

  • Read the book from beginning to end. Some authors will tell you that you can skip around. I find that reading the entire book provides the best perspective and understanding of the topic and the author's thought process.

  • Connect & Concentrate: Read as if the author is a close friend that is speaking directly to you. Don't think of it as a teacher to student conversation, or an educational pursuit. Connect with the author's "voice" and make an effort to relate to what they are sharing. 

  • Journal: Jot down any inspiring ideas or potential solutions that spark emotion or come to mind. Capture these thoughts in writing as they come to you. Don't wait until you have finished the book.

  • Question Yourself: What does this mean to me?  How does this relate to where I am or what I am going through? How can I use this information to assist me? When can I implement these ideas?

  • Complete an entire chapter before you take reading breaks. Reading a chapter all the way through helps the concept to gel.

  • Continue to Journal: Identify self-motivators and write them down. Make a written plan of how you will incorporate what you have learned in to your life.


Now that you have been inspired and have the information, embrace the concepts and work to actively use them in your day to day life.

Read the book again in the future for additional studying, so that you can understand and comprehend the information. 

Bonus Tips

Listening to the audiobook version is a great option too! Additionally, pair this with an Inspiration Box to enhance your reading and wellness experience with any of the ones listed below to reach peak inspiration and motivation within yourself.

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