Celebrating your birthday soon?! Check out the GIFTED & GUIDED BIRTHDAY EXPERIENCE for a unique way to celebrate the gift of another year!

Collection: Gifted & Guided Birthday Experience

The Gifted & Guided Birthday Experience is a monthly live virtual journaling experience designed to celebrate the gift of another year of life for participants with birthdays in the current month. Jonetta utilizes a heart-centered approach to engage, encourage and guide attendees through reflective, celebratory and forward-thinking activities including journaling, breathing and visualization exercises. Each participant receives a Birthday Box full of items needed to engage the senses and establish a meaningful self-care practice for the year ahead. The Gifted & Guided Birthday Experience gives you the opportunity to participate in giveaways from amazing sponsors and celebrate in community with others that share your birth month. Gifted & Guided is hosted on Zoom for ease of access and allows you to create an experience that is uniquely you right from the comfort of your own home.