Coach In Residence

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"Jonetta's knowledgeable insight into personal development, her solid command of what she is offering, her ability to put me immediately at ease, and her empathetic way of interacting with me created an environment in which I felt comfortable in expressing myself and to accept what she is offering." -Robert S.

Create a culture of coaching within your organization. My “Elevating Excellence Together” Coach in Residence offering gives your team access to professional development support, goal and action planning, accountability, reflective work and growth conversations on a regular basis. As your organizations “go to” coach, I will collaborate with your leadership to understand your company’s culture, mission and values and provide a catalyst for individual and organization growth and transformational change.

We understand that sustained success is built upon a foundation of continuous support, learning and development. Coaching is a space where team members can create plans for growth, work through issues and be self-reflective. As your resident coach I will work closely with your team members through one-on-one and group sessions to enhance their skills and capabilities and help them to understand their strengths and the importance of their unique contributions to the organization. This can lead to improved performance and productivity.

As your Coach in Residence, I can provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Employee/Team Support: Team members feel supported and held accountable as they navigate challenges, make decisions and set career goals.
  • Employee/Team Engagement and Retention: The presence of a Coach in Residence shows team members that the company is invested in their growth and development. This can lead to increased engagement, job satisfaction, and retention.
  • Leadership Development: As your Coach in Residence, I can work with emerging leaders within the organization to develop their leadership skills. This can contribute to a pipeline of capable leaders for the future.
  • Cultural Impact: A Coach in Residence can help reinforce and promote a positive company culture. My guidance and mentorship can align with the organization’s values and contribute to a supportive, learning-oriented and strengths-focused environment.
  • Customized Support: By creating a safe, respectful coaching environment, I tailor sessions to address the unique needs of individual team members, ensuring a personalized and impactful experience. I offer insights, and self-guided solutions to challenges they face in their roles.
  • Change Management: An established coaching relationship provides support for team members during times of change by offering stability, insights, and strategies to adapt to new processes or technologies.
  • Transformative Results: The Coach in Residence as an organizational constant allows the organization to experience a measurable shift in team skills, performance and engagement.
  • Impact Measurement: The coaching program’s impact on individual growth, team dynamics and overall company performance is monitored and evaluated to confirm success is being achieved.
  • Cost-Effective, Flexible Expertise: Instead of hiring a full-time employee with specialized skills, an organization can benefit from the Coach in Residence program by having my expertise available on a flexible, designated basis, which can be more cost-effective.

Overall, hiring me as your Coach in Residence can contribute to the professional growth of team members, the organization's culture and its overall success. As your Coach in Residence, I will work to understand and closely align with your organization’s values and goals and to establish clear expectations and communication to ensure that your organization and its stakeholders receive the greatest benefit from the arrangement.