Intentional Leadership

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Before there is leadership there is being, before there is being there is awareness. What kind of impact could you make if you consistently led with intention, using your strengths and focusing on leading from within. We will explore who you are at your best and how you can lead others to be their best. This dynamic leadership coaching series dives deep into.

From lead through strengths: When you're a leader, you often have no one to talk to about your growth, weaknesses, trials, and issues. Coaching is a space where you can work out your plans, growth, and issues without the "internal risks" of the conversations that happen when you're in the thick of it. You can talk to me about anything - even your ugly, messy inner-thoughts. We'll work through them so you can come to a path you're happy with.

This series includes a personalized journal to accompany your sessions and provide continued support after sessions have been completed.