Journaling With the Senses

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"Thank you for an enlightening and awesome session. I learned so much."-Olivia G.

Elevate your journaling practice by engaging your senses. This engaging session guides you in discovering how to create an immersive journaling experience by incorporating touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound. At the end of our session, you will delight in knowing how to make your next journaling session a vibrant sensory experience.


Session Highlights:

  • Sensory Exploration: Engage your five senses to enhance your reflective journaling process.
  • Discover: Uncover the significance of utilizing a rarely mentioned sense to connect with your inner self.
  • Interactive Exercises: Participate in hands-on exercises designed to awaken your senses and enhance your journaling experience.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the insights and creativity of a personal development practitioner.