Love Poem Template

The greatest gift that we can give ourselves is to love who we are. Use the following template to guide you in writing a love poem for you, to you and about you.


Let your love flow outward, inward and all around.


I am the descendant of ______________


My presence matters because ______________


I am worthy of ______________


I believe in ______________


I dare to dream ______________


My heart guides me to ______________


I am inspired by ______________


The gifts I have to give are ______________


My wisdom is ______________ and I wonder ______________


My soul is soothed by ______________


I am the color ______________


I relate to ______________


My deepest desire is ______________


My happiness is fueled by ______________


I have overcome ______________


The sun's radiance does not compare to my ______________


My voice will be heard through ______________


My greatest treasure is ______________


______________ is my magic.


When I am at peace I ______________